What it means to give your body a D21


It is understandable at this stage for women reading this to be a bit perturbed. Many of them have not got a clue what is meant by this heading’s symbol. What could this mean? Women reading this right about now are looking for new exercise solutions that suit their lifestyles and are a lot more effective than some of the routines they have been putting themselves through lately. It has been hard work, hasn’t it?

But at least you are trying. You haven’t given up just yet. And now is not the time to do that. So kudos to all of you reading this note. This shows resolve. If you had given up already, you would be sitting on your couch watching TV and chomping on chocolates and crisps again. Back to not so comforting food to not heal the pain and put more pounds on again. If you had given up, you would not be reading this message now, would you.

Let’s cut to the chase and explain what is meant by this mysterious looking D21 destined for your body. What this stands for is as follows. It does two things for you not quite straightaway, but the positive results are a lot quicker than those exercise routines you’ve been punishing your body with already. First of all, you’re only going to be exercising three times a week. Surprising, no. second of all, of those three sessions per week, you’re only going to be working out for exactly twenty one minutes.

There’s more. The D21 session is what is known as high intensity workouts. Yes, you’ll be sweating and breathing heavily a lot more. See and feel the results after just three months on this program. And next of all, just think of all the time you’ve saved yourself.