Questions about E-Cigarettes Answered

More people are putting down their lighters and picking up their batteries every day, and health officials are pretty sure that’s a very good thing. While inhaling anything can never be fully safe, e-cigarettes and their eliquid counterparts are exponentially more safe for you. Most of the debate surrounding Vaping just disagrees on how much safer it actually is. Many have used this modern alternative (which give you more control over nicotine levels) to wean themselves of cigarettes all together as well.

How do they Work?

Unlike cigarettes or cigars, vaporizes do not generate a flame or any ash that will spread particulates to your lungs. Vaporizers are battery operated devices that heat a chosen flavor of eliquid up to create a vapor whose only defining scent comes from the flavoring in the liquid itself. Since there is no tar or smoke, many long term smokers who have made the switch report to have lost their smoker’s cough, and gained sensitivity in their taste buds.


What is the ELiquid?

There is a wide array of flavors available out there for you to choose from. While the flavoring ingredients may change, the base makeup of these eliquids (if purchased from a reputable source) will stay relatively the same. The fundamental base of the fluid is water, which makes the “smoke” you breathe in. Nicotine is also an integral part. This provides the fix that smokers desire, and it is not perilous in the little dosages you find in eliquid. The flavoring will provide the biggest contrast between liquids, with flavors ranging from more traditional cherry and banana, to bear claw and dragon fruit.

Is it Safe?

We already covered how it is a much safer alternative to traditional smoking. Right now, a very politicized and controversial debate is raging over exactly how safe they are however. What is known is that second hand vapor is not a threat to the public health, so don’t worry the next time you see someone hit that button for a drag.