Older Toronto Home Foundations Prone to Cracking Require a Plumber

Toronto is comprised of many older homes and this does mean they have foundations which could require some serious repairs due to the old age. As long as any damage exists to the foundation, it will become exponentially worse over time. Pipes can burst and flood the ground for months before you realize your water bill has been rather high lately and look, the basement is flooded! Obviously it is time to call on your local Toronto plumber service and have the matter diagnosed and fixed expediently.

Professional plumbing services can definitely solve any issue at all. No need for worry should be present. Highly skilled professionals work for these companies and have years of experience with various and sundry scenarios. Sometimes they have had to deal with very major repairs. They offer services such as weeping tile installation systems to keep water out of the basement after the leak has been repaired. This is the most protective service which can guarantee you will not have a flooding in the event of a pipe burst.


Foundation repair services are also offered by the top-notch plumbing companies, so you have a whole new foundation for years to come… in a manner of speaking. The foundation is demolished in sections and Weeping tile is installed. Over this, a plastic membrane prevents water from getting through to the new slab foundation which is laid upon it. Then your home will be sitting on a sealed new foundation.

There are still other waterproofing methods to be added in order to get results. Reinforced concrete can be laid in as well to further reduce house shifting. The waterproofing layer above the new weeping tile installation also acts as a flexible foundation against shifts in the earth beneath the home which would severely affect the foundation otherwise and cause monumental damage.